Can I change or edit my order after it is placed?

Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to an order once it is placed. When you place your order, inventory is locked into our systems and funds have been preauthorized, and we aren’t able to make any changes to the order. This includes adding or removing items, editing quantities, adding a gift message or canceling an order.

If you need to add something to the order, simply place a second order soon after. Our shipping department is trained to combine the orders and refund any extra shipping costs immediately if the first order has not yet shipped.  Keep in mind, we ship very fast. There is no need to email support for this. We cannot add items to existing orders once placed. We actually do not ever see your credit card, nor do we have access to your credit card number, so we cannot add anything and charge your card for you. All credit card payments are handled through the banking merchant services to keep your credit card info secure.

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