How To Order from Rugged Rosaries

Ordering from Rugged Rosaries is easy. You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone and go to the online store at Choose the "SHOP" menu item to see the different categories for browsing and finding what you need. Popular choices are the Original Paracord Rosaries or the WWI Battle Beads Rosaries.

Optional Medals

On most of the rosaries, you will be able to choose optional devotional medals or colors. Dropdown menus are used for your choices. Up to 4 medals can easily be added to most rosaries. These medals are attached to your rosary above the center knot when they are made.

Medals Not On the List

If you would like a devotional medal that is not in the dropdown list, please request it in the box labeled "ORDER NOTE" on the shopping cart page when you go to checkout. We have the most popular saints available and if we do not have it, we can usually get it for you within a week. Most of these medals are silver color. Sometimes we can add a special medal at no charge to you, and other times, we must email you an additional invoice for the medal. This is because the costs vary greatly, especially for saint medals which we would have to special order for you. The cost ranges from zero to $5.00.

Simple Customizations

You can also request simple changes to your rosary by telling us what you want in the box labeled "ORDER NOTE" on the shopping cart page. Simple changes include switching to a different crucifix, or changing the color of the paracord used. For more detailed information on this click: Simple Changes.

More complex or multiple changes require a custom order. Please see the article "How to Order a Custom Item".

Shopping Cart Not Working

If you have trouble putting items into your shopping cart, sometimes you may need to clear your browser cache. You could also simply try using a different device to place your order such as a computer or smartphone.

Ordering By Phone

We also can take orders over the phone. Our toll-free number is 855-KNOTTED (855-566-8833). We try to answer every call, but as a small workshop studio, we may be away from time to time. Most of the time we will be available between the hours of 9am to 4pm, M-F, CST (Texas).

Shopping at the Workshop Studio in Houston

We are so sorry, but the workshop studio in Houston is not open to the public. This is the place where our rosary makers work to make your beautiful rosaries and it is truly a workshop. It is really not set up for sales or visitors. We have lots of photos of our studio and working areas posted here: Studio Gallery

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