Exchanges from Other Companies

Exchanges from OTHER Companies

If you purchased a similar product from another company such as a paracord rosary, or a WWI style combat rosary, and for whatever reason, you have a problem with it - We will take care of you!  Maybe the other company doesn't have good customer service for a rosary that is broken, or maybe you bought a cheaper mass-produced overseas copy (see about them here). We can exchange the product for one of our beautiful handmade rosaries. Why would we do this?  Well, we see it as a win/win. You get good customer service, and we earn your trust. And hopefully, you will purchase from Rugged Rosaries in the future.

To exchange a rosary from another company, send an email with photo of the rosary and source of the rosary to and just tell us why you would like to do a competitor company exchange. We'll take it from there.

May 19, 2021

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