Are Rugged Rosaries Waterproof?

Is my rosary waterproof?

In a word, yes.  If your rosary gets wet, we recommend that you dry it off as much as you can with a towel, then let it dry in a cool dark spot.

If your rosary is submerged in water, it is best to let it dry in a cool environment to prevent minor shrinkage.  Heated wet paracord will shrink slightly.  We had a customer which had his rosary blessed by his priest and the priest dropped the rosary completely into the holy water and it was soaked.  When he then left and placed his wet rosary in the car, it baked in the hot sun and shrunk causing the spacing between the beads to become slightly shorter. If anything like this happens to your rosary, we will be glad to re-tie it for you.

Sep 20, 2020