Are the Rosaries Hypoallergenic

If you are one of 23% of Americans that have some type of allergy, this information is for you!

Rosaries are made out of many different materials and Rugged Rosaries are no different. If you have an allergy to metals, then we absolutely have some options for you.

The wooden rosary beads contain no medals. You can see the Wood Rosary Collection Here.

We can also make you an all knotted paracord rosary through the customization process. The paracord is made from 100% nylon.

Crucifixes and Devotional Medals are almost always made of Zamac. Zamac is a mixed alloy of zinc, aluminum, with traces of magnesium and copper that is dipped in silver. The hardness gives a bold look and it has a longer lifespan than other alloys while having the look of silver which is why so many of the Italian manufacturers of the crucifixes and medals use it. It is also considered to be fairly hypoallergenic.

The paracord rosaries have a variety of materials. The acrylic resin beads, especially the black, brown, blue, red, white, ivory, green contain no metals. The bronze, silver, and copper acrylic beads have a metallic baked-on finish. For allergy-prone people, we do not recommend the paracord rosaries with metal beads. The metal beads are an alloy containing mostly zinc, aluminum, and copper. Most are nickel-free, but the Gunmetal color, and the bright Gold color may contain traces of nickel.

The chains for the WWI Battle Beads are plated brass. The platings are all nickel-free alloy. However, for a few people, even the platings can be problematic. We are the only company that has a Stainless Steel option for these chains. The Stainless Steel chain is naturally silver with no plating at all and hypoallergenic. Do keep in mind that the centerpiece medal and crucifix are still Zamac alloy. Email for stainless steel chains.

We do keep a small supply of stainless steel crucifixes. They tend to be of lower quality and smaller in size than the Italian crucifixes made from the Zamac alloy, but we do have them available from our customer care department.

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