Zamac Metal Alloy

**What is Zamak?**
The devotional medals and crucifixes on Rugged Rosaries products are sourced mainly in Italy, France, and Germany where a metal alloy called Zamac is used to create these lovely pieces. Chinese products will often be made of thinner, cheaper, alloys. We do not use Chinese medals in our products!
Zamak is a mixed alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and traces of copper that is dipped in silver. It is used in die-casting manufacturing and it has higher aluminum levels than any other alloy. This is why Zamak pieces of jewelry are firm and solid. The hardness gives a bold look and it has a long lifespan. 
Zamak alloy has great quality. The blend of metals makes it the perfect hardness for devotional medals and crucifixes. The finished products have excellent plating for use in rosary and bracelet designs.
Unlike some metal alloys, Zamak provides some hypoallergenic properties due to its purity. It generally does not cause a skin rash when perspiration occurs. Zamak is designed for people with sensitive skin. It is a reliable alloy that keeps your skin clean and healthy without having allergy symptoms.
Please note, that the WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosaries are solid brass with metallic plating. This is exactly how the original WWI rosaries were made in 1916!  If you are wanting to purchase the WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosaries and you have allergies to metals, please let us know. We do have stainless steel chains for that rosary available through our customer care department.
Oct 12, 2020