Beads 2022

Beads 2022

This page is all about our beads. Many of these beads are custom made exclusively for Rugged Rosaries®. We have Acrylic Resin beads, Metal Alloy, and Stainless Steel beads available. Acrylic Resin beads have proven much more resistant to breakage than wooden beads and lighter in weight than metal alloy. These are not the inexpensive "pony" beads you used in Boy Scouts. Alloy beads are unbreakable and weighty in your hands and make your rosary feel like the true and powerful "spiritual weapon" it is. Both the Stainless beads and Resin beads are excellent for people who have metal allergies to the alloys.

How to choose?

If you want a rosary with lighter weight and lots of choices in colors, pick the Acrylic Resin bead. The matte colors are especially nice with a sanded feel. The color you see on these beads (except the metallic ones) goes all the way through the mold of the beads, so that they will never lose the color. Our larger signature paracord rosaries are made using these beads.
If you like the heavier weight of solid metal feel in your hands, you will like the metal alloy beads. They are slightly smaller than the resin beads and come in several finishes including the customer favorite gunmetal color. The solid stainless beads are available only in the natural silver stainless color and are lighter in weight but still feel very solid and weighty.
Beads we offer may change as supply availability changes. We do NOT sell the beads separately and company policy prevents source disclosure. Thank you for understanding.

Rugged Rosaries Bead Lineup:

Acrylic Resin - Rugged Rosaries has the best color choices available anywhere!


Metal Alloy beads are great for the Our Father on your rosary.

The following Metal Alloy beads are great for the Our Father on your rosary.
Note that the following beads are NOT for the Hail Mary Beads. Thank you.


Stainless Steel beads are available in paracord size (Medium) and a smaller size for microcords and leather cord. These are great if you have metal allergies.

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