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At Rugged Rosaries, we are passionate about the WWI Battle Beads® combat rosaries that we hand make daily at our company (and the Original Paracord Rosaries as well). When we introduced these rosaries back in 2012, they were so different from the normal rosaries sold in your local Catholic store that we never thought they would gain popularity. But we loved them and thought other people would too. Years have passed now, and there are quite a few other companies that are imitating what we do. We feel flattered and frustrated by that, but instead of saying anything negative about these companies (or the knockoff copycat manufacturers), we would instead prefer to tell you about the Rugged Rosaries products and how they differ in quality, style, selection, and customizations.

The WWI Battle Beads combat rosaries are a reproduction of a vintage-style rosary produced for a few years during the WWI era and were known as service or combat rosaries. Though the company that made them back then is no longer around, many of these antique rosaries are still around today, often selling for hundreds of dollars at auction. Our founder, being a rosary collector for decades, has several of these beautiful antique combat rosaries, and they are what inspired the reproduction WWI Battle Beads we offer today.

Over the years, the Rugged Rosaries studio has evolved the styles, making, and engineering of these rosaries into the product offered today. It is beautiful yet strong and durable and lives up to our company name. Because we still make them right in the studio in Houston, Texas, we can do styles and customizations the other companies can't do. We also have not outsourced the making, distribution, marketing, shipping, or customer services as some other rosary companies have.

Features of the Rugged Rosaries WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosaries:

  • Solid brass construction in 3 color options: Gunmetal, Silver, or Antique Bronze.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Chain version in natural silver color for customers with metal allergies.
  • Customizable with a Large selection of devotional medals. (The most popular ones are on the website, however, you can request any saint medal in your order notes or by emailing support. We literally have hundreds of different saint medals available but if we don't have one you want, we will get it.)
  • Customizable with different Crucifixes. We do not use the poor quality mass-produced copycat crucifixes used by some of these other companies who are selling "combat rosaries". For example, our Pardon Crucifix is a beautiful high-quality Italian Crucifix that looks and feels so much nicer.
  • The Our Father beads on WWI Battle Beads are slightly larger than the Hail Mary beads. This aids your meditative prayer especially if your eyes are closed.
  • Sixteen styles to choose from! Because we make these in our own studio, we can offer a very large variety of styles such as a St. Michael Chaplet, Seven Sorrows Chaplet, a 15 Decade version, a 20 Decade version, a Divine Mercy version, a more feminine "Floral" version, and Memento Mori versions which are very popular with priests.
  • Rugged Rosaries ships very fast, often within hours of your purchase.
  • Rugged Rosaries is known for exceptional customer service. In fact, it is one of our 7 Guiding Principles.

We are so confident in our products in comparison to imitation products from other companies that we have a "Competitor Exchange Policy". We will exchange a rosary you purchased somewhere else for one of ours! You can read about this policy here:  Exchanges from Other Companies

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It is our sincerest prayer that with Our Lady's loving intercession and grace, each rosary will provide Strength, Comfort, Peace, and Hope to those seeking the Lord's will. Thank you!

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