Rugged Rosaries 7 Guiding Principles

We work by our Guiding Principles. These principles are the core of everything we do at Rugged Rosaries. These Guiding Principles help us in decision making in all parts of the business.

  1. Respect the Catholic faith in all we do. The predominant business of our company is to provide religious and devotional items to our customers. Our employees, no matter what their faith, respect the religious and reverent nature of the products, and respect the faith of our customers.
  2. Provide Unique, High Quality, Rugged Products.  This guiding principle is reflected in all the handwork, the standards, the consistency, and the materials that we use in our products.
  3. The Customer is Always Right. Well, the truth is that the customer is not always right but we will ALWAYS treat them as if they are with courtesy and respect.
  4. “WOW” the Customer.  Most customers are thrilled when they get good customer service because it is rather rare these days. Rugged Rosaries was built on great customer service from day 1. But, we strive to go one step farther to EXCEED the customer’s expectations.  This is why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  5. Be a Place to Learn.  The nature of our business is somewhat unique. For most employees, it is an opportunity to see how a small business operates successfully. Many of our former employees have their own small businesses! If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a good place to LEARN.
  6. Be a Good Place to Work.   Rugged Rosaries may not be a forever job for most, but it is a good place to work.
  7. Give Back.  As a company, we always try to give back to the community and so far, we have been able to do so with regularity and increasing value. Most recently, we have joined an effort with Goya Foods and the Knights of Columbus to send hundreds of rosaries to Ukrainians. This has been a wonderful and concrete way that we have been able to help the Ukrainians who are suffering due to the war. We give a substantial monthly monetary donation to St. Paul Street Evangelization. Twice over the last several years, we have doubled the amount we give. We also donate over 250 WWI Battle Beads Combat Rosaries to the Warrior for Lourdes Pilgrimage each year. In addition, any organization that asks for donations for their event or silent auction gets an “Auction Package” from us for free. But most importantly, we ALWAYS will donate a rosary to anyone that needs one but for whatever hardship, cannot afford to buy one.

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