Can I Wear the Rosary?

Can I wear my rosary around my neck?

We do not make our rosaries to be worn, however, we know many of our customers do wear them. Almost all of our 5 decade rosaries can be worn. If the style is too small to fit over your head, we will tell you that in the description of the rosary. Some men have an extra-large hat size and if that is the case, you can request your rosary to be made extra long in the "Order Note" box on the shopping cart page. We will add just enough extra slack in the decades to add 2 more inches to the diameter of the rosary so that it will definitely fit over your head.

Please know that rosaries should not be worn as a fashion item.  Rosaries, even rugged rosaries made of paracord, should be handled reverently and worn only prayerfully and as a reminder of faith.

Absolutely do not allow a small child to wear a paracord rosary.  They do not "break away" if they were to get hooked on something.

DO NOT wear a paracord rosary when working with machinery or other dangerous physical activity where the rosary could become entangled.  Use common sense!

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