How To Pray on a Pocket Rosary or Rosary Bracelet

This quick article shows how to pray the rosary using a 1 decade pocket style rosary, or a rosary bracelet.

The single decade pocket Rosaries are prayed with the same sequence as a normal Rosary. It's just smaller to make it more portable. The prayers do not change. Since you don't have the normal beads in the drop portion (the part below the centerpiece of a rosary), you just have to say those prayers while holding the Crucifix and then you use the 10 decade beads repeatedly, 5 times, for the 5 mysteries of the normal rosary prayers with Hail Marys etc.

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Holding the Crucifix, "In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit" - the Apostles Creed prayer.
Then Say 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, and 1 Glory Be.
After that, you will use the single bead (if your pocket rosary has one) and the 10 decade beads. You will do the following 5 times - one time for each of the 5 mysteries:
Announce the 1st Mystery. For example, the first Luminous Mystery is the Baptism of Jesus.
Next say 1 Our Father.
Then on each of the 10 beads, say 1 Hail Mary for a total of 10 Hail Mary prayers.
Reflect or meditate on the Mystery.
Say one "Glory Be"

When finished for all 5 Mysteries, you will say the finishing "Hail, Holy Queen" prayer.

On a Rosary Bracelet, it is very similar. Same concept.

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