Rosary Supplies

Thank you for your thoughtful ministry of making rosaries. Unfortunately, it is against company policy to
sell or give away rosary materials. However, we can give you a little guidance below:

For paracord, we recommend [].
They offer good prices and high quality product as well as fast shipping. You can buy a 1000' spool of 550 grade black paracord which will make about 100 to 120 rosaries. Each rosary will take about 8 to 9 feet of paracord. They also sell the smaller size 425 paracord which works well with pony beads.

For Plastic Crucifixes and inexpensive metal Crucifixes, we recommend OLRM International
OLRM Rosary Supplies
They do not carry paracord but they do carry the mission rosary twine, centerpieces, and beads.

Beads for paracord are very difficult to find. Many of our beads are custom made for us in large batches and not available in stores or online. You can find some decent wooden beads in the craft section of Hobby Lobby or Michaels Crafts. You can also use the colorful and inexpensive pony beads. (With pony beads, you will have to gut the paracord). To buy wooden beads and pony beads in many colors and large batches, you might try
or [].

To learn the knots, you can check out the Youtube Channel of Tieing It All Together or TIAT
[] .
Search Youtube for button lanyard knots and barrel knots or rosary knots. Youtube will have everything you need to teach you knotting.

We hope this will help guide you. God bless you in your endeavor!

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