Devotional Medals

*** Note: This page is still under construction. More info coming soon for 2021 ***

The medals we carry are produced in Italy and made of quality alloys. The alloys are commonly known as Zamac and are mostly zinc and aluminum with some silver for shine. We look for the highest quality we can get. Some other companies will use medals from China that are thin, have "gloppy" details, and often have misspellings on the medallions. We never use poor quality medals. 

These are the devotional medals we usually have in stock. We can get other medals from our various suppliers usually within 1 week. Silver is the easiest color and most medals are available in the silver color. Bronze and Gunmetal colors are much more limited. Contact with special requests. 


Silver Medallions

Bronze Medallions

Row 1: Divine Mercy, 5-Way, Saint Jude
Row 2: Saint Christopher, Our Lady of Grace Miraculous, Saint Joseph
Row 3: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Saint Benedict, Sacred Heart of Jesus 

Gunmetal Medallions

Premium Medallions

Vintage One-of-a-Kind Medals

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